Monday, January 31, 2005

Finally Started Socks!

Well! *breathless sigh*

I finally decided on a pair of socks to begin knitting.

I chose the Dublin Bay socks from Mossy Cottage Knits.

I am knitting one with a forest green Wool-Ease, and the other with a hunter grey Wool-Ease.

I am very excited. I haven't made socks before!

***Oh. If you haven't checked out the knitting for Mongolia project sponsered by Mossy Cottage Knits known as the Dulaan Project, please consider being a part of this wonderful experience.

second pair done!

i finished up my second pair of socks for this kal. it's again using the yankee knitter classic socks pattern, and some red yarn that is label-less and therefore, nameless. it was a heavy worsted (and very tough to navigate on the size 5 dpns, but they're done, nonetheless!).

here they are:

i mentioned in my blog that this looks like a "wicked witch of the west" shot. but it was the only picture i could get - he was in the middle of playing and could hardly sit still. sheesh, mom, priorities!

Great beginnings

I just finished my first ever sock!

I used Sandnes Smart superwash in a tweed color and the Yankee Knitter classic socks pattern. These socks will be a gift for my husband as he's starting a new job this week.

Sock knitting is a lot more fun than I expected - I want more...


Chevrons Done

I had started these socks two months ago while I was in the hospital after the delivery of my son. In my drugged and over tired state of mind, I thought my feet were much smaller than they are. I had to frog an entire sock! So, here they are finally finished(minus weaving ends). I'm itching to cast on for another pair, but I need to wait until I get some other things done first. Oh yes, the pattern I used was the Chevron Socks from Elann's free patterns.

Sunday, January 30, 2005

Now for the Husband

After completing two pairs for me, it's only fair that I knit a pair for him, right?

I'm done with turning the heel, now I'll make it as long as he desires.

Here they are

After changing my mind about 100 times on the subject of what sock I am going to make, I finally settled on a pair of knee high sock for my daughter. This is a photo of the first few inches:


I am using Sock It to Me Collection Esprit on #4.

my favorite things!

I love socks. And sock yarn. And tiny needles. And double points. And making toes. And turning heels. And short rows. And self-striping. I love it all, I think.

My favorite part of socks is turning the heels, though.
What is your favorite part of socks?

Saturday, January 29, 2005

Fuzzy Feet

Well, as cold as it is here, and motivated by Yarn Harlot's post last week, I've started something that I think counts as "socks". It's Fuzzy Feet from Knitty. OK, this is one humongous sock!

Needless to say, this is the pre-felting shot. Gotta knit the second "sock" (at least it goes reeeaaaally fast) and will post the after-felting pics soon.

Oh, I'm using Kureyon 124 on US10.5dpn's, and love the colors.

Hmmm...I think I messed up

This is my first pair of socks....and my first post. I am making a really simple sock. The top two inches are ribbed, which I completed with only a few complications......I was SO excited that it was actually turning out as a tube. When I got to the part in the pattern where I am supposed to do stockinette stitch I keep having the knit side (RS?) turn up on the inside of the tube not the outside. Could it be my technique? What minor detail have I overlooked that has screwed me up? Could someone help? I would appreciate it!

Friday, January 28, 2005

Second pair

Boy, that was fast. But it helps that these are shorter than the first pair. I'm experimenting with flexible bind-offs. This one could be better, but it's good enough for short ankles.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Sock number one

I am about down to the toe, but doesn't want to recognize me. So how about dropping by my blog to look:) I changed my mind about the pattern I had originally posted about using. These socks are "Friday Harbor" from Knitting on the Road. The lace pattern has been fun and the pattern is accurate. I am wanting to get the second sock finished so I can make a couple others from this book. I've owned it for at least three years and this is the first time I've used it (shaking my head).

Well, I goofed

Well, OK, I finished the gusset decreases on the second leg, and transferred both to one needle and did a couple of rows. Then I decided to photograph them. When I looked through the viewfinder on my digital camera, what did I see but a missing welt and missing eight rows of rose. Should I try to cut off the top and K the missing rows? Then what? Would I have to graft the top back on? (There ain't no way I'm gonna frog the heel and the colorwork.) AARRRGGGHHH

Update on second pair

It's progressing nicely. Household chores and errands are another matter...

Pink Opals Posted by Hello

Third pair too please miss!

Here's my third pair for the Knitalong. I really am going to try a different pattern now, promise. The problem is, I know this formula works. So, will it be Crusoe, some Waffles or what? Decisions decisions!

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Past the heel

Here's how my second pair for this knitalong is going:

I'm using short rows for the toe and heel, and I'm about to start some ribbing.

The almost white sock.JPG

The almost white sock.JPG

My 1st pair of Monstersockens.JPG

My 1st pair of Monstersockens.JPG

odd ball socks.JPG

odd ball socks.JPG

Socklady's Stuff

Just got on board this morning, thought I would send pix of my 3 favorites. The odd ball pair started when I was given two odd balls of sock yarn both 50 grams, so ever frugal knit one row from each ball with heels and toes using just the two yarns by them self. The Monstersockens came about from a gift of all the leftover sock yarns from a bunch of friends in Toledo, Ohio, used a merino (no name) for main color then lots of little odd balls, (see a theme here, I use all little bits on hand). Then third pair started out to be white with a bit of color, got carried away and used up a whole lot more of odds and sods. The almost white pair was my first afterthought heel, next pair I use it on will be better, this one was a learning experience.

Frugal am I,
With many odds,
Socks I do

Lynne and Yoda

Broadripple Socks Done!

These are my Broadripple socks from the Knitty pattern, I'm happy with the way they came out and this pattern is a doddle to follow and fun to boot!

Image Hosted by

For my next socks I am thinking of using the Lornas Laces I won in a blog contest and perhaps doing the Retro Rib socks from Interwave Knits. I have to wait for my 2.75mm needles to arrive whatever I decide though as I've used up all my thicker cotton sock yarn for now (don't panic, there's more in the mail on the way to me lol!).


Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Finally decided on the second pair

I've finally found a pattern I want to use for my second pair of socks. I'm doing the Slouch Sock from Socks, Socks, Socks. Using Lorna's Laces in Purple Club that I've had for a while. They will sort of be my homage to Donny Osmond from the Donny and Marie days. :)

I've got the cuff of the first one done; as soon as there is significant progress I'll post a picture.

Everyone is coming up with gorgeous socks! Very inspiring!

Fluted Banister #1- on the foot!

I blogged about this sock over here too. I'm very happy with sock #1! I squeezed my foot into it (not easy with those tiny #1s!), and it fit fine and was very comfy. This is my fourth pair of socks, but my first on #1s. Boy, does the smaller size needle really slow things down for me. I kept feeling like I was going to break them doing the decreases!

I'm enjoying seeing all the creative sock knitting going on with everyone on this KA! I've added several new patterns to my "gotta knit 'em" list! Go sock knitters, go!

Monday, January 24, 2005

Stripey Seconds

Yes, I'm going to get in a second pair - these are on big (well, big being a relative term - they are on 3.5m) needles so are knitting up very quickly. They look like a candy cane but are very stretchy and fit easily around my leg.


I've made up the pattern based on a bunch of others. I figured 40 stitches on 3.5m dpns and added an extra 4 as I wanted to use a rib stitch. I really like the way a ribbed stitch on the leg and upper foot helps a snug fit. The stitch is basic baby cable (3 rows *k2p2*; 1 row *RTp2*).

I'm very pleased with these - so pleased that they will be gifted, though I'm not yet sure who to!

Starting another pair

This time with a less pricey yarn (and hopefully without any knots). I was too stubborn to swatch and started right away with a figure 8 toe. I ended up with too many stitches and had to rip down to the right number:

You cannot tell from the picture, but the toe looks twisted because my M1's are all biased to the same side. The other M1's I know of that can be symmetrical leave a hole. So I'm ripping and starting again with the trusted short row method.

First finished Irish sock. Socks knit up so fast in worsted weight! This was complete in no time. I won't dread the second sock so much. It is heavy and warm. My husband asked me if I was knitting these for myself... I said I'm not sure who else would want them! Erin Go Braugh! Posted by Hello

Sunday, January 23, 2005

third time the charm..

This is my third time trying to post this so I hope it works. I had a beautifully written page and everything... we go.
I am working on my socks and have finished both toes and foots and will be turing the heel tomorrow. I am loving it. I have also started knitting socks for my father. A size 11!!! From my 7.5's it's quite an adjustment. So when I pick up my socks I just wizz through them. I also have many socks in the works or on the brain. Maybe for birthdays or christmas!!! Until next time...happy knitting.

getting there...

So I have finished the toe of both of the sock and am working up the foot of both. I hope to turn the heel tomorrow on both. I want to be able to wear the sock on the same day. None of this waiting for the second sock. The syndrome is just to hard to avoid so I do both at the same time. But they are going great and pretty fast.
In other sock news I cast for a pair for me father. Size 11 foot!!! Going from my 7.5 to an 11 is quite an adjustment. But they are moving along well. I have both toes done and am working up the foot as we speak. I also have a couple of other pairs in the works or at least on my mind for birthdays and .... christmas! But we will have to see. One thing I can tell you is that I LOVE KNITTING SOCKS... until next time....happy knitting.

Getting Close to Done!

Here's a pic of my sock in progress. It's Regia Crazy Color sport-weight yarn on US4 dpns. I did the cuff in K1P1 and the ankle in K3P2. There's one backwards decrease in my gusset but I'm trying to resist the urge to rip out 35-odd rows to fix it. No one's going to see it anyway, it's a sock! Despite its little mistake I already love my sock :)

Regia Crazy Color Sock (mid foot) Posted by Hello

socksess hasn't spoiled me yet

or at least, i don't think so. i finally finished my daughter's birthday socks:

and it was before her birthday, too! i'd lost the pattern, bought it again, and then found the one i'd lost.

did you ever have days like that?

anyway, i used the yankee knitter classic sock pattern, doing a women's size and the 3x1 ribbing on the cuff. the yarn i chose to use was trekking xxl in colorway 100. needles? brittany size 2 dpns (one of which snapped during the making of this show).

next up: the hugs and kisses socks. i got some yummy lime (are limes yummy?) plymouth italy baby sock yarn last week from elann, and i'm thinking i might use my leftover trekking for the details.

i love seeing everyone's socks (in a knitterly way, not spoken with a fetish accent). this is great fun!


I finished my Fortissima Socka toe-up socks. Remind me not to buy that yarn again (knots). It's so cold out there that I'm wearing them over long johns.

I might need some elastic thread to keep them up when wearing them on their own. The kitchener bind off is better than a regular cast-off, but still I need a little bit of tightness to keep my socks up.

"Bad case of pooling socks" finished

Second pair finished, yay me! These ones are so bright they make your eyes smart. I'm going to keep on going with as many pairs as I can, (I have a large sock yarn collection!) and maybe photograph them all at the end. Too many of the colours I've chosen could be damaging to your health!

Saturday, January 22, 2005

I finished the first Retro Rib sock on Friday morning and rewarded meyself with a quick sock - the Armchair Socks from Weekend Knitting in Artful Yarns Jazz - this was a fast sock and I am half way done with the second one. Of course I have done NOTHING all day but knit!

One down

Hi everyone, it's great to see all these socks. I just finished my first one the other day.

I'm a really simple sock kind of person and I love ankle socks, so I mostly followed the Lulu comfort sock pattern from the knitty breast cancer issue, but I changed it for my gauge and left off the picot edging. This is knit out of wool-ease on #5 29-inch circulars using the magic loop method. I enjoyed doing a toe-up sock because I could try it on every 2 minutes and marvel at how it looked like a real sock.


Friday, January 21, 2005

One Sock, Two Sock, Pink and Blue Socks

So many great sock ideas - thanks everyone!


Here are my completed Sock It To Me Socks.

Pattern is Leslie's Doublet Eyelet Socks from the 2005 Knitting Calendar. Yarn is Opal. 2.25mm bamboo dpns.
I'd definitely recommend the pattern as a starting point for 'lace' socks. It was very easy to follow and because the stitch was very simple the knitting was easy to pick up and put down - or should that be put down and pick up?

The only change I made was to not break the yarn when starting to work the heel. I wanted to keep the colour flow going and plus, who needs extra ends to work in? I like the thick bands of blue and yellow across the heel. Oh, and I used 5 needles for the foot as well as the leg - much easier.

Much fun - I may try and squeeze in another pair!


Thursday, January 20, 2005

I couldn't help it!

There I was, happily knitting the "bad case of pooling" sock, when all of a sudden a pretty pink ball of wool jumped into my lap and there you have it, odd socks! I only wanted to see how the colours looked, got carried away and....... I was going to post a picture, but Hello is having a funny five minutes, so I've got one on my blog if you're interested. If not well......raspberries!
Only joking, hopefully soon there will be two more pairs to add to my little collection. Thank you girls, you've given me the push I needed!

First pair done

Finished ribbed socks. The heel of the second one came out smoother and better fitting. Using a bit of elastic yarn made it much easier to pick up the stitches when it came time to put the heel in. Posted by Hello

One (almost) down

Well, I'm almost through my first Sock it to Me sock. Here it is on my blog (I wonder if this will didn't--I've copied it to photobucket)

This is the "Aran Sandal Socks" pattern from XRX's book Socks, Socks, Socks.

I'm enjoying the cables. I do feel like these should be knee socks, though. The height looks dreadful with the cuff turned up like they are--I look like I weigh 300 pounds--but it looks better with the cuff turned down. I just wanted you to see ALL the hard-won cables. :)

I had planned to finish last night, but I'm about 4 rounds away plus grafting. Let's just say bedtime with the kids did not go as planned. Now I have to make another one. Those cables are addictive enough that I think I will; I do have another pair with one done where I haven't started the second, so we'll see...

"Erin Go Braugh"!! These are my Irish socks and these little babies are going to keep my feet warm at this year's St. Patrick's Day parade in Pittsburgh. The yarn is worsted weight Woolease...warm! Can't wait to see them finished! Posted by Hello

Wednesday, January 19, 2005


One sock done and the other fast approaching the finish line! I didn't think I'd get through these so quickly. Guess I'll have to start another pair in the next day or so. Gotta love quiet days at work. :)

Ribbed socks Posted by Hello

The strand of varigated near the needles is where I will go back and do an afterthought heel. Came out a bit wonky on the first one, but I think I know what happened. Hoping the second will be a bit neater.


My self-patterning yarn started doing weird things, but I was in denial and kept knitting:

But along came a KNOT and I knew I had to rip, find the right place in the sequence and join. So I pulled out yards and yards of yarn fom the skein until the right color came out, only to realize that the yarn had been knotted backwards. Argh! My skein was a mess, but I went back to the store and they wound it for me again, so I can keep knitting with the colors in the correct order. I'm not sure I can weave in the ends in the middle of the sock, though.

I've turned the heel and have only one more row before the gusset decreases are done. I love this pattern but it is taking me a LONG time - I think because of the rib pattern. I must immediately cast on for sock#2 so I don't fall victim to second sock syndrome!! Posted by Hello

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Just a quick update

Hi everyone! Can you believe the number of members we have? There are over 40 of us! And a *group* up in Milwaukee :-) We are both so excited about how successful this little knitalong is! If your name is not on our list over to the right, or your link doesn't work, or you would like your e-mail if you don't have a website, or your sock choice has changed, or anything else... let us know and we will update it for you. Also, if there is a free sock pattern that you know of that we don't have listed we'll add it. Shelby is going to come up with a list of sock yarns, so if you have a favorite e-mail her and she will add it to that list. If you have completed a pair in conjuction with this knitalong, e-mail Jacq and she will note it by your name. Guess that's it for now - keep on knitting!

Another Newbie!

Hi, I'm Anna and I live in Liverpool, England.

These are the socks I finished knitting just as the knitalong started, they're from the Comfy Socks pattern made with Cascade Fixation yarn. They were the first socks I had ever knit on dpns and I'm hooked now!

Image Hosted by

For my first knitalong socks I'm doing the Broadripple Socks from Knitty using Elann's Sock It To Me! cotton yarn (fittingly named for this event!) in blue variegated.

This is the first sock which I finished off last night (colours are a bit off, sorry):

Image Hosted by

I have cast on and knit the rib for the second sock and am hoping to get it done this week.

For my next pair of socks I'm contemplating the Retro Rib socks from Interweave Knits with some Lorna's Laces that I won in a blog contest, but we'll see if I stick to that!

My blog can be found here.

Monday, January 17, 2005

First Post

Hello, fellow sock knitters. I'm joining with one sock already finished, I hope that's not considered cheating. Although it says "first socks" when you mouse over my name, this will be my third pair of socks. However, I don't wear the other two pairs for different reasons, and I'm hoping that I will actually get to wear this one.

I'm using fortissima socka colori yarn and 2.5 dpns. For the toes and heels I'm using yarn from my stash (no label left). I'm not following a particular pattern, but I'm using a short row toe from knitty, and also a short row heel and Kitchener bindoff. Here's how they look so far:


I've turned Heel 2 - it's all downhill from here. Photo on my blog -
Cheers, Sally

Geranium Socks Finished!

Hello! I've completed my first pair of socks. I used the Simple Sock pattern from Sally Melville's The Knitting Experience: The Purl Stitch. It is a basic pattern that works for any yarn. I bought the yarn from an ebayer-- it is a hand dyed sock yarn called Geranium.

Here's the finished socks:

I have additional information and pictures on my blog, Amy Knits Texas.

I have some Lorna's Laces Shepherd's Yarn in the stash--perhaps some additional socks?

Helpful Hints

Spent some time this weekend organizing my pattern files, and came across an article from the Fall 2002 issue of Spin Off about sock knitting. They offer some useful sock tips.
1. Give heels and toes of socks longer life by working a strand of sewing thread with the knitting yarn while working the heel flap, turning the heel and working the toe shaping.
2. To tighting the join between the heel flap and gusset, pick up stitches through the back loop of the chain edge stitches. (this assumes you have slipped the first stitch of every row in the heel flap).
3. To avoid the annoying gap between the heel flap and instep stitches pick up an extra stitch at the base of each gusset (between the heel flap and instep stitches). Work these stitches together with the edge instep stitches on the next row.

I believe this is an excerpt from The Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns by Ann Budd.

The heel on sock one is turned, and I'm working the gussets. It's downhill from here!

Pom Squad Mod

Hi all!

I'm using the Pom Squad pattern from MagKnits for one of my several pairs of socks.

And I have a suggestion for the toe, for those who (like me) just. can't. get. the damn figure-8 toe thing. To do this, you'll need a yarn needle, some smooth yarn in the same weight as your sock yarn, a crochet hook, and 2 double points.

Try this:
-use a provisional cast-on (I prefer the crochet hook version.) which is actually pretty easy, if you just follow the directions and trust what's going on. (Try it out a couple times for practice. This is seriously my favorite cast-on.)
-complete the toe increases with the waste yarn still in...maybe knit on into the foot.
-unravel the cast on and catch the stitches with your two extra double points. Make sure you catch all 24 stitches! (This is why it's good to use a yarn that's different from your sock yarn!)
-sew the toe up however you fancy. (I use a weird variation on mattress stitch. I'll document it when I can.)

That makes for a much nicer looking toe for those who just don't dig or can't do the figure-8.


Obligatory intro post

Hi, everyone! New member here. I'm not new to knitting but am rather new to socks. I've completed one pair for a friend and am about to start a pair for myself.

I'm going to use some Cascade 220 to make a nice warm sock for these New England winters. I'm in Massachusetts and am looking out the window at 5 inches of snow right now! The pattern is Kathryn T's Universal Sock Pattern.

I seem to have been bitten by the sock bug, so I am sure that this will be the first of many pairs to come off my needles.

You can find my first pair and other ramblings at Molly's Needles, my own little blog. Looking forward to seeing all your creations!

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Hi All!

I'm not a new sock knitter, but I'm interested in getting beyond the "basic" sock. I have just posted the pattern and yarn I'm using for Sockapaloosa here
As this is supposed to be the Year of the Sock these are my goals for the year-- planning to teach myself knitting on 2 needles after these socks; I keep reading about Trekking yarn I'd like to try some of that next also. I'm looking forward to getting new ideas from all of you as well!

Meet the Sockers

Introducing, from left to right, Judy - Shannon - Kris, the Milwaukee contingent of the "Sock it to Me" knit-a-long. I'm hiding behind the camera, but I'll show you my feet just as soon as my second sock is completed.

Here Goes Nothing

I have started my first sock. I am using a basic sock pattern from Ann Norling and some lane cervinia sock yarn in forever jacquard. It is brown, gray, white and black. I am making these for my husband and already planning a pair for me!!


Friday, January 14, 2005

Socks in NZ

Hi Sock it to Me's!
I'm Sally and I live in Auckland in New Zealand. You can find me knitting by the bay.

I do have a few, (maybe 5), pairs of socks under my belt, so to speak, but I have been wanting to try incorporating a stitch pattern so this seemed a good chance to give it a go. I'm using Leslie's Double Eyelet Socks pattern from the 2005 Knitting Calendar* which seems a good easy start. Have a look at the stitch!


Sock one is done. It took me a while to get started because it took a while to find a cast on that was stretchy and looked OK with the 2x2 rib. I ended up using a cable cast on using two needles to cast on to so it was nice and loose.

* ZenKnits has a neat database of the Calendar - makes it easy to find things. Thanks!

Baby, it's cold outside!

Hey fellow sock knitters! It is currently 1 degree outside here, snowing and a wicked wind chill ta boot. My son is home from school and happily busy with the neighbor kids, the laundry is folded, the plants are watered... what shall a girl do? Knit! Of course!

I'm bundled up on the couch today knitting 'Holey Socks' which is a pattern I found via Wendyknits extensive list of sock patterns. OK, honestly I'm only done with the first ten rows of ribbing but am about to embark on some lacy, eyelet goodness. I chose this pattern because there wasn't a picture and the mystery of these socks was calling me. Yes, I'm a fruitcake. I am excited to see how they progress.

Anyway, I'm happy to be here and a part of a great group of sockaholics. :) I'm Liz (duh) and you can find my blog over here: Thanks for letting me be a part of your group!

New here and to socks

Hi everybody,
I just joined and I am going to make my first pair of human socks. I did a pair of doll's socks a while ago - both of them even if the pic shows only one - but I must confess that my gauge changed and the second sock is much smaller then the first one. Good thing a doll cannot complain.

For my first pair of human socks I am going to make Wavy Rib Socks using Sock It to Me Collection Esprit Print - color: Garden Spring.

Sock it to Me - Milwaukee!

Greetings! everyone from your Wisconsin recruiter. What beautiful socks you are all creating. This blog site is inspiring.

Four of us met last night to initiate our group "sock it to me" effort. We are following the basic sock pattern in Ann Budd's book, "The Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns: Basic Designs in Multiple Sizes & Gauges," and working on Addi Turbo twelve inch circular needles. I have found this to be the perfect needle for socks and mittens because it's fast (no phutzing with dpn's and even faster than using two circ's) and it means only using dpn's for the last few decrease rounds at the toe.

We worked on gauge swatches last night, then I did a quick demo of heel-turning. I'll post a picture tomorrow to introduce our Milwaukee knitters.

First socks Posted by Hello

Finished first socks!

They're done! I am really pleased and they fit perfectly. The pattern was a freebie that came with the sock wool so I thought I'd give it a go and it worked. I have broken my fear of socks. How pathetic is that?
I've already started my next pair, well I cheated a bit, they've been sat in a bag in the cupboard for six months having stopped at the heel. The only other sock I've made before were so grotty, we don't talk about them as they were a disgrace. The toe felt like I could have used them for ballet shoes. But after this pair, I see more on the horizon. Thank you girls, I needed this knitalong!

Thursday, January 13, 2005

All for me...

So I am going to knit my socks toe up using dpn size 1 and some beautiful variated Koigu yarn. I am also using wendy's toe up pattern. I can't wait to get them finished. I am knitting them both at the same time so that I can finish at the same time and put both of them on. This is only my second pair of socks, and they are all for me. I do have one question....what kind of colors are jewel tones???? I had someone ask me and well I don't have an answer. HELP!!

My First Socks

Hi Everyone! I've just joined the knit-along. I started my first pair of socks back in June of 2004 but got sidetracked and haven't finished. I completed the heel of the first sock and am working on the foot. Here's a pic of part of my progress. It doesn't show the heel, but you can get a peek at the colors.

The pattern I'm using is from The Knitting Experience: The Purl Stitch. I don't remember what yarn I'm using because I've since lost the labels. I picked it up at a LYS in Gainesville, FL.

At some point, I'll post a pic of what it looks like now that I've completed the heel. I look forward to seeing what others have done. I love making the socks, but I'm not sure I like working with dpns. So the next pair of socks will be done with 2 circs to see how that works for me.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Striped Socks!

Hi all,
Finally got a photo so that I can post my socks. Well, they are actually going to be my sister's socks, for her size 12 feet. I can't laugh too much as I wear an eleven, but it's a lot of sock.

Larger version here.
I'm using Regia 6ply jacquard in color "Las Vegas" and these socks are just cracking me up with the colors and striping. I started with a toe-up sock recipe by Stasia from the Socknitters website, and used an e-wrap eight stitch cast-on toe, and the short row heel. I'm looking forward to trying the OzYarn Easy Sock no-wrap heel next time as my wraps seemed to leave tiny gaps no matter what I did. I have also started a second pair of socks for my husband in light worsted and used only six cast on stitches rather than eight so the toe would be a bit longer before reaching full width.

JAD, I think asked about two circs instead of dpns. I switched to circs part way through and found it quite easy. Just use one circ for the "front" two dpns, and the other circ for the "back" two dpns. Just make sure you are always knitting with the two ends of the SAME needle. I found some detailed instructions here. I tried two socks at once on two circs and lasted for exactly one row before taking the second sock off! It felt like knitting an octopus.

Love seeing all the great socks!

Time to turn a heel

There was lots of knitting done at knit night last night and I'm ready to turn my first heel! I just love this yarn, the colors are all mottled and the stripes fairly subtle up close but more distinct from a distance. Any words of wisdom for the this heel turning experiment?