Monday, January 31, 2005

Finally Started Socks!

Well! *breathless sigh*

I finally decided on a pair of socks to begin knitting.

I chose the Dublin Bay socks from Mossy Cottage Knits.

I am knitting one with a forest green Wool-Ease, and the other with a hunter grey Wool-Ease.

I am very excited. I haven't made socks before!

***Oh. If you haven't checked out the knitting for Mongolia project sponsered by Mossy Cottage Knits known as the Dulaan Project, please consider being a part of this wonderful experience.


At 7:41 AM, Blogger hollyboc said...

I didn't know wool-ease came in a sock weight yarn! That pattern is CUTE! Size one needles, huh? I haven't gone there yet... to me, that's when socks turn into sweaters!!! They may take a little longer, but I'm sure the end result is totally worth it.

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