Sunday, January 23, 2005

getting there...

So I have finished the toe of both of the sock and am working up the foot of both. I hope to turn the heel tomorrow on both. I want to be able to wear the sock on the same day. None of this waiting for the second sock. The syndrome is just to hard to avoid so I do both at the same time. But they are going great and pretty fast.
In other sock news I cast for a pair for me father. Size 11 foot!!! Going from my 7.5 to an 11 is quite an adjustment. But they are moving along well. I have both toes done and am working up the foot as we speak. I also have a couple of other pairs in the works or at least on my mind for birthdays and .... christmas! But we will have to see. One thing I can tell you is that I LOVE KNITTING SOCKS... until next time....happy knitting.


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