Monday, January 17, 2005

Pom Squad Mod

Hi all!

I'm using the Pom Squad pattern from MagKnits for one of my several pairs of socks.

And I have a suggestion for the toe, for those who (like me) just. can't. get. the damn figure-8 toe thing. To do this, you'll need a yarn needle, some smooth yarn in the same weight as your sock yarn, a crochet hook, and 2 double points.

Try this:
-use a provisional cast-on (I prefer the crochet hook version.) which is actually pretty easy, if you just follow the directions and trust what's going on. (Try it out a couple times for practice. This is seriously my favorite cast-on.)
-complete the toe increases with the waste yarn still in...maybe knit on into the foot.
-unravel the cast on and catch the stitches with your two extra double points. Make sure you catch all 24 stitches! (This is why it's good to use a yarn that's different from your sock yarn!)
-sew the toe up however you fancy. (I use a weird variation on mattress stitch. I'll document it when I can.)

That makes for a much nicer looking toe for those who just don't dig or can't do the figure-8.



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