Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Socklady's Stuff

Just got on board this morning, thought I would send pix of my 3 favorites. The odd ball pair started when I was given two odd balls of sock yarn both 50 grams, so ever frugal knit one row from each ball with heels and toes using just the two yarns by them self. The Monstersockens came about from a gift of all the leftover sock yarns from a bunch of friends in Toledo, Ohio, used a merino (no name) for main color then lots of little odd balls, (see a theme here, I use all little bits on hand). Then third pair started out to be white with a bit of color, got carried away and used up a whole lot more of odds and sods. The almost white pair was my first afterthought heel, next pair I use it on will be better, this one was a learning experience.

Frugal am I,
With many odds,
Socks I do

Lynne and Yoda


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