Friday, January 14, 2005

Socks in NZ

Hi Sock it to Me's!
I'm Sally and I live in Auckland in New Zealand. You can find me knitting by the bay.

I do have a few, (maybe 5), pairs of socks under my belt, so to speak, but I have been wanting to try incorporating a stitch pattern so this seemed a good chance to give it a go. I'm using Leslie's Double Eyelet Socks pattern from the 2005 Knitting Calendar* which seems a good easy start. Have a look at the stitch!


Sock one is done. It took me a while to get started because it took a while to find a cast on that was stretchy and looked OK with the 2x2 rib. I ended up using a cable cast on using two needles to cast on to so it was nice and loose.

* ZenKnits has a neat database of the Calendar - makes it easy to find things. Thanks!


At 5:14 AM, Blogger Jacquelynn said...

Great colors Sally! Can't wait to see sock #2.


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