Monday, January 24, 2005

Stripey Seconds

Yes, I'm going to get in a second pair - these are on big (well, big being a relative term - they are on 3.5m) needles so are knitting up very quickly. They look like a candy cane but are very stretchy and fit easily around my leg.


I've made up the pattern based on a bunch of others. I figured 40 stitches on 3.5m dpns and added an extra 4 as I wanted to use a rib stitch. I really like the way a ribbed stitch on the leg and upper foot helps a snug fit. The stitch is basic baby cable (3 rows *k2p2*; 1 row *RTp2*).

I'm very pleased with these - so pleased that they will be gifted, though I'm not yet sure who to!


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