Tuesday, January 04, 2005


I read on someone’s blog that it looks like 2005 is going to be the year of the sock! I’m sorry someone that I can’t remember where and give you your props. I think I’ll second that opinion. For a long time, I have thought “Why? Why should I knit socks when I can go to Target and buy them by the bag?” So many knitters love knitting socks, they are portable, relatively easy, there is lots of nice sock yarn, it’s a good way to try a new stitch pattern without a lot on investment, they make great gifts and they feel better than purchased socks ever could. Excellent reasons if you ask me! Guess it must be time for me to give a whirl. But I didn’t want to knit them all by my lonesome. And then, as if destiny, it seemed as if some of my blogging friends also wanted to try their needles at socks. Jacq and I have been playing with the idea a bit and voila! A knit-along for sock newbie’s! Sock virgins, you could say.

Sock it to Me Knit-along Rules (they’re more like guidelines, really)
1. Send us your name, e-mail address, blog address, pattern & yarn info then you have to knit some socks and show them off!
2. Does this have to be my first pair of socks? Absolutely not! This can be your first, second, third, or your hundredth pair of socks! In fact, it would be great to have some experienced sock knitters join us to help with any tricky parts – dare I say, turning the heel…
3. When can I start? As soon as you sign up.
4. Do I have to have a blog? Nah – we created one for you! Right here.
5. When do I have to finish? Aim for April 1st. We won’t add anymore updates after then, but if you aren’t finished it’s no big deal.
6. Can I knit more than one pair? Yes, the more the merrier!
7. Do they have to be for me? Of course not, for anyone you want.
8. Is there a cool button for me to display proudly on my own blog? I'm
glad you asked. Here it is (on your own bandwidth of course)

At the end we’ll have a couple of different contest for some special surprises. ‘Cause who doesn’t like surprises?

Now, where to get started? There are a ton of free sock patterns on the internet just waiting for you to find them. We have a list for you to check out. If you have a favorite pattern, let’s us know. And what about yarn? Elann has some sock yarn in self patterning waves as well as some solids that are about to go on sale. But really any good yarn shop - online or in your neighborhood - should have a variety of yarns to choose from. Some different ideas for entries for this knit-along might be reviews of different yarns and sock books. If you have any stumbles along the way, let us know and we can all support each other. This is going to be the greatest newbie sock knit-along ever! (has there been one ever?) So sock it to me!


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