Sunday, February 06, 2005

1st Pair

I finally finished my first pair of socks!!
You can see them here on my blog.
I made the bulky sock pattern from Jil Eaton's book Simple Chic. They were made out of Lamb's Pride Bulky on size 8 DPN's. The pattern was very straightforward and easy to read, but I had a hard time turning the heels. So far I have not really been bitten by the sock bug. Actually, I hated these and really had to force myself to finish them.
I have two other pairs working right now. One for me and one for my husband, both with regular sock yarn and smaller DPN's. I am still not in love with the process, but I will keep going!!!


At 11:17 AM, Blogger Lu said...

I have been wanting to make those for a while! Going to look at your blog ....


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