Thursday, February 17, 2005

Finished my first pair!

Hi all! I have been enjoying all of your posts and pictures! I have a post, but I can't figure out how the picture thing works...maybe I can get one up this weekend. I finished a pair of Fluted Banister socks in yarn from lotusblossom on ebay. The colorway is KoralSea and the socks are very green! The fit is good and the yarn was nice to knit with. I had started the Crusoe pattern from Knitty in Koigu. I ended up frogging it. The pattern allows for very little stretch and even with 8 more cast-on stitches than the pattern calls for the cuff was still WAY too tight on me.

I started a second pair of socks yesterday. I'm using Opal Southwestern and a generic pattern. This is my first experience with self-patterning sock yarn and I'm really enjoying watching the yarn!


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