Tuesday, February 15, 2005

I scream for icecream!

I've finally finished the second pair of Sock It To Me Socks. Here they are, the Icecream Socks.


..and deep breath.... "I am OK that the toes don't match".

These are fun to wear, the baby cable ribbing means they stay up on the leg nice and firmly. These were the first completed socks of my own design (such as it is) and by far the best Kitchener Stitch action that has ever been seen here by the bay. I fair whizzed across the second toe - it's like magic! Thank you goddesses of knitting past who sat down and unravelled and worked this out. Was it you Mrs Kitchener? Thanks also to the wonderfully generous Amy for her excellent video on the technique. Knitters so rock with their sharing and generosity.

The observant will have noticed a well travelled rabbit sneaking in to the sock photo. It's Felix and he has come all the way from the US to visit us here by the bay. We are very lucky and will be taking him on a little tour of Auckland before sending him home again. He brought with him his suitcase and a surprise for me from Jackie.


Thanks Jackie - they are gorgeous! I've never seen stitch markers like this here in NZ but have often admired them on the blog circuit.


At 8:07 AM, Blogger hollyboc said...

I love the fact that the toes are different! That's what makes them unique! Very cute!


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