Friday, February 04, 2005

So many socks!!

I updated the list with a whole bunch of stars today - but I'm not sure of gotten everyone or all the socks you've completed (Tracy!). Please let me know if I missed you or even missed just a pair or two of socks you've completed. We are so happy that you all are having such a great time with the socks - I know I am completely hooked!!

I noticed a question yesterday about Kitchener - I've seen it referred to as a grafting technique and a way to finish sock toes (which is really just grafting) - I think they're the same thing. I've also seen the term Kitchener cast on (you can read about it here - scroll way down.) which is another term for a tubular cast on.

Have fun!


At 2:48 AM, Blogger Tracy said...

That's the right amount, I'm now at the stage where I can wear a pair of my own socks on a daily basis (as long as I keep up with the laundry that is!)


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