Saturday, March 05, 2005

First Toe Upper

When I was challenged to make a pair of socks toe up, almost didn't do it, never could get my head around the figure 8 cast on (could do it just looked messy) so tried a double knit CO. While its not perfect either can now say I've done it. If I ever do another pair will add what I've learned to the mix, instead of casting on just 24 stitches would go to 32 at least, would make a wider toe. But what fun to have another method of making socks (and these fit perfectly). When it came time to bind off at the top having heard how some people have trouble with BO being to tight, I knit 2 plain rows then bound off with a size 3 needle, socks were knit on #1's. Top looks a bit ruffled when off the foot but on it looks just fine.


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