Sunday, October 16, 2005

Here are my socks!

As I joined this group I figured I best participate. I love to knit socks and do it on circular needles. It's not that I don't like double pointed needles. They work great as a cable needle and they hold triple decker sandwiches together great but they fall out easily and stitches get dropped that I try to avoid them whenever possible. Plus you can't knit four socks at a time on double pointed needles. Socks are my travel projects. The bag is usually in the car where I can knit when, waiting for my kids at school and preschool, also dance lessons, drawing lessons and gymnastics lessons. The self patterning yarns are a big hit with me. Sock yarn is really the only yarn I buy as I spin so that's my main source of supplies. I like really colorful yarns. The husband wants beige, boring. The only way I could knit with ugly beige was to knit colorful right along side. The bag on the floor is made from my favorite jacket of all time. I loved that jacket and wore it to death. It got to the point where I could not get the cuffs clean anymore and I was wearing a hole in an elbow. I could not bare to through it out so I made a knitting bag from it. The rest is in a bin waiting for a good project to come along. I make dolls so I'm sure the rest won't go to waste. I enjoy seeing everyone's socks. Hope you like mine too. Until next time.... Posted by Picasa


At 5:39 PM, Blogger Tinera said...

How did you knit socks on circular needles? Have you written a pattern for that that you wouldn't mind sharing with me? My email is Thank you,



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